Le Minaret

Le Minaret, located on Rue du Temple in Cully, has existed as an independent newsagents since 1949. Its name comes from a Turmac brand of cigarette, manufactured by the Turkish-Macedonian Tobacco Company in the 1920s. 

Taken over by Gilliane in November 2016, it is the perfect example of a Tobacconist-Newsagent-Bookshop-Lottery-etc. from a bygone age. Carefully restored by Nicolas & Gilliane, it is one of the last vintage newsagents in Switzerland. 

You can find just about everything there : from paper fasteners to USB sticks, C7/6 envelopes to alpha/numeric separators, 6A 500V fuses to 312 (PR41) batteries, Jass (a Swiss card game) to the deluxe edition Scrabble, Sophie the Giraffe to Robot Lantern, Beedie to Partagas Series 5, large leaf cannabis to legal pot, fish hooks to fishing rods, snorkelling masks to ping pong bats, Tiki to Nerds, Le Monde to The New Yorker, Rivella to Abricotine, rocket lollies to Paleta Loca artisan sorbets, the first novel of Thierry Marx to Modernist Cuisine at Home… 

Non-stop seasonal renewal of our range : it’s what we have discovered and what our customers have asked for.

Our philosophy is to attend to customers of all kinds. Your needs and wishes are our priority, and they can be met because we have a very strong attachment to the definition of the word “service”.

We try to partner with as many local and Swiss suppliers as possible who have an ethical approach to their work. Our eyes and ears are always open to any way possible to give more grist to our mill. Looking down our list of products, you will find things we’ve chosen and things we’ve found since November 2016.

Personality-wise we are pretty free with our opinions : a couple brought up on rock and roll but at the same time respectful ambassadors. You’ll find us a pair of professional newsagents ready to listen and attend.

Come and see us ! You’ll find the place charming, and we’ll give you a warm welcome. Tchô bonne (that’s Swiss for “so long”), Gilliane & Nicolas